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TitleTypeIssue Date
Computer reconstruction of human tendon architecture based on NMR images
Journal of morphology, 248. p. 255-...
Journal Contribution2001
Contribution of pronator teres muscle to pronation
Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (N.A.V.), 167ste Wetenschappelijke Vergadering. p. 12-12.
Proceedings Paper2005
Differences in medial and lateral heads of gastrocnemius during rhythmic activities
Van der Perre, Georges & van Audekerke, Remi & Lowet, Geert & Vander Sloten, Jos (Ed.) 10th Conference of the European Society of Biomechanics, Leuven, August 28-31, 1996. Book of Abstracts. p. 249-249.
Proceedings Paper1996
Functional anatomy of some lower leg muscles in man and higher primates
Journal Contribution1997
Functional relationship between the gastrocnemius muscle and the adductur magnus muscle: an emg-analysis
European journal of morphology, 42(3). p. 149-149
Journal Contribution2005
Jaw opening and closing movements, comparative and biomechanical aspects
European Journal of Morphology, 39(4). p. 246-246
Journal Contribution2001
Varein, S.A. & Tarasovskaia, O.E. (Ed.) Transactions of the 3rd All-Russian Scientific Practical Conference with international participants “Health as the basis of human potential : problems and how to solve them” November 25 - 27, 2008, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.. p. 353-363.
Proceedings Paper2008
Lower arm muscle activities in handling a slanted computer mouse, in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries - the role of the pronator teres muscle
Biomedica 2010 Life Science Summit Proceedings. p. 217-218.
Proceedings Paper2010
Medial and Lateral Head of Gastrocnemius Muscle Behaving as Two Different Entities After Cutaneous Stimulation of the Sural Nerve
European Journal of Morphology, 36(4). p. 319-319
Journal Contribution1998
Muscles involved in foot eversion movements during the swing phase of gait - some comparative-anatomical and functional-morphological aspects
Wallner, Christian & Secretary N.A.V. - Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (Ed.) Proceedings of 173rd Scientific Meeting Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (N.A.V.): vol. 1. p. 28-28.
Proceedings Paper2011
Neurophysiological and anatomical aspects of cutaneomuscular reflexes in human lower leg muscles
Theses and Dissertations2000
Phase-dependent-modulation of cutaneous reflexes from the foot is different in locomotor versus
JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, 31(Supplement 1). p. 81-81
Journal Contribution1998
Phase-dependent modulation of cutaneous reflexes of tibialis anterior muscle during hopping
BRAIN RESEARCH, 897(1-2). p. 180-183
Journal Contribution2001
Role of pronator teres muscle in entrapment neuropathy
9th Euron Ph. D. Student Meeting. p. 46-46.
The role of the pronator teres muscle in the arm during the rowing movement, at the end of the stroke
Proceedings of the 2nd international congress on
Proceedings Paper2005
Selective activation of MG in sural nerve reflexes during hopping, running and walking
GAIT & POSTURE, 7(1). p. 16-25
Journal Contribution1998
Soft tissues possibly transducing low frequency vibrations in the human locomotor apparatus
Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, St. Petersburg, Russia, 5-8 July 2004. p. 1787-1790.
Proceedings Paper2004
Some factors influencing mathematical modelling of the human finger
Proceedings 15th Lomoram Meeting, Université de Liège, October 7-8, 1999. p. 33-33.
Proceedings Paper1999
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18