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TitleTypeIssue Date
Accessory intraventricular prominence of the occipital horn of the lateral ventricle
JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY, 99(1). p. 151-155
Journal Contribution2003
Acute distortion of the anatomy of the third ventricle during third ventriculostomy
Journal of neurosurgery, 96(3). p. 597-599
Journal Contribution2002
Anatomy and surgery of the infected dermal sinus of the lower spine
CHILDS NERVOUS SYSTEM, 22(10). p. 1307-1315
Journal Contribution2006
Applied anatomy of the spinal cord
Applied anatomy of the spinal cord: supplement, 17, p.80 - 81
Journal Contribution1998
The Arnold-Chiari type II malformation at midgestation
Journal Contribution2003
Beneficial gamma-knife radiosurgery in a patient with Nelson's syndrome
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery, 100. p. 60-63
Journal Contribution1998
Caudascopic experiences and a new patho-anatomic concept for treatment of Sciatica
Minimally invasive neurosurgery, 39, p.4 - 6
Journal Contribution1997
Cervical spondylodiscitis after removal of a fishbone
Spine, 24(6). p. 574-577
Journal Contribution1999
Clinical assessement of a novel antiadhesion barrier gel: prospective, randomized, multicenter, clinical trial of ADCON-L to inhibit postoperative peridural fibrosis and related symptoms after lumbar discectomy
The American journal of orthopedics, 27(22). p. 111-120
Journal Contribution1998
Correlation of postmortem 9.4 tesla magnetic resonance imaging and immunohistopathology of the human thoracic spinal cord 7 months after traumatic cervical spine injury
NEUROSURGERY, 59(3). p. 671-677
Journal Contribution2006
The Currarino triad: Neurosurgical considerations
NEUROSURGERY, 58(5). p. 924-928
Journal Contribution2006
The Currarrino triad: the variable expression
Journal of pediatric surgery, 40(8). p. 1238-1242
Journal Contribution2005
Cytogenesis in the dentate gyrus after neonatal hyperthermia-induced seizures: What becomes of surviving cells?
EPILEPSIA, 49(5). p. 853-860
Journal Contribution2008
Deep brain stimulation in movement disorders: the application reconsidered
Acta neurologica belgica, 104(1). p. 33-36
Journal Contribution2004
Detailed Visualization of the Functional Regions of the Rat Pituitary Gland by High-Resolution T2-Weighted MRI
Journal Contribution2010
Differential effects of subthalamic nucleus stimulation in advanced Parkinson disease on reaction time performance
Journal Contribution2006
Effectiveness of antiepileptic prophylaxis used with supratentorial craniotomies: a meta-analysis
Seizure, 5(4). p. 291-298
Journal Contribution1997
Fate of newborn dentate granule cells born after experimental febrile seizures
EPILEPSIA, 47. p. 22-22
Journal Contribution2006
Gender differences in febrile seizure-induced proliferation and survival in the rat dentate gyrus
EPILEPSIA, 46(10). p. 1603-1612
Journal Contribution2005
Het syndroom van Parinaud als teken van acute obstructieve hydrocephalus: herstel na acute ventriculostomie
Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde, 146(24). p. 1136-1140
Journal Contribution2002
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49